Online Games For Female Gamers

Over the years in the online gaming industry, the majority of video game products generally caters on male gamers. In fact, there have been many action-oriented games led by male protagonists. Presently, the video game industry opens its doors to female gamers and designed games to cater the needs of these female enthusiasts. However, games for girls aren’t similar to what video games generally embody.

Of course, when it comes to girls the design and style are usually in pink with sparkles or something with “girly” palette of color accompanied by a design that has animated girls on the cover having fun together. Usually, the subject matter of girls’ video games involves household chores or other stereotypical activities as well as behavior attributed to females. Cooking Mama, Fashion Designer, Diss and Make Up and The Clique are few examples of games designed for girls. On the other hand, there are games with a girl protagonist that’s drastically different from a game for a girl. Such are Grand Theft Auto and Metroid.

It’s not like the video game industry is a entirely JOKER123 sexist domain that exempts girls from joining in. As a matter of fact, a lot of well-known games like Super Mario and Tetris are unisex and many girls have grown up playing them. Actually, there is no problem with girls playing “masculine” games like Transformers or Zelda. However, it would be disturbing to see guys playing Hannah Montana or Pony Friends, right?

Indeed, there are many girls out there that enjoy “feminine” activities and enjoy video games for girls available on the market. If not then, certainly no game providers would produce and make any money from them. The only issue still in existence in the video game industry is the notion that girls would only want to play girly games. Considering the number of women working in the these industry, one would certainly think that they would have a say in what sorts of games recently released on the market, or at least they would say something about it. Perhaps we can’t say for certain what is going on behind the scenes, but indeed, there are a lot of girls that are sick of the video game industry’s interpretation of what games for girls should be. Sure, girls may cook and care a lot about fashion but sometimes they like to shoot things up just like boys do.